Lincoln Premium Poultry - Fremont, Nebraska | News
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January 13, 2017, By Ken Anderson At a recent ag event in Fremont, Nebraska, we visited with Walt Shafer of Lincoln Premium Poultry. Schafer is the project manager for the chicken processing plant that Costco plans to construct in Fremont. As proposed, the plant will process two million broilers per week. Shafer talked about the timeline for construction of the plant and the process of signing up contract growers. He also addressed questions about “industrial agriculture” and animal welfare.

By Barbara Soderlin / World-Herald staff writer Poultry plant opponents have raised a number of concerns about the project. How does Costco and its partners say they’re addressing those? Concern: Chicken “litter” — a mix of manure, feathers, and bedding — is composted and used as farm fertilizer. If it’s applied too heavily or at the wrong time, nitrates and phosphorus can run off into groundwater. Response:

Progressive Farmer, September 2016, Chris Clayton, Contributing Editor Costco wants Nebraska producers to consider adding a few hundred broiler houses to the landscape. Some Nebraska farmers say they view the poultry business as a way to both diversify and bring their kids back to the family farm. Experts on poultry contracts have been...