Lincoln Premium Poultry - Fremont, Nebraska | Cornhuskers Turn Chicken
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Cornhuskers Turn Chicken

Cornhuskers Turn Chicken

Progressive Farmer, September 2016, Chris Clayton, Contributing Editor

Costco wants Nebraska producers to consider adding a few hundred broiler houses to the landscape.

Some Nebraska farmers say they view the poultry business as a way to both diversify and bring their kids back to the family farm.

Experts on poultry contracts have been taking their experience and knowledge to Nebraska farmers recently, as news of a possible new poultry-processing plant in the state spreads.

Costco Wholesale Corp. is working toward approval for a $180-million poultry-processing plant near Fremont, Nebraska, that would process roughly 1.6 million birds a week. The facility, owned by Costco, would cater to its stores, providing chickens for the warehouse club’s popular rotisserie bird. Lincoln Premium Poultry project manager Walt Shafer says his company would run the poultry-production side of the operation.