Lincoln Premium Poultry - Fremont, Nebraska | Chicken plant plans progress
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Chicken plant plans progress

Chicken plant plans progress

By Alyssa Sobotka Mar 2, 2017

FREMONT – In the final stages before receiving project approval, Lincoln Premium Poultry continues to make plans for its Costco poultry processing plant south of Fremont, some which could affect Saunders County residents.

The Georgia-based company hired to operate the processing plant set to produce rotisserie chickens at Costco locations across the western half of the nation began hosting meetings over the last year since first unveiling the project. Officials met with potential growers, lenders and community influencers across multiple locations.

The result of meetings provided Costco enough evidence that there was a sufficient grower base and support within a 60 mile radius of the processing plant to meet Coastco’s needs.

The proposed 360,000 square feet plant includes an 85,000 square-feet hatchery and 32,000 square-feet feed mill. The plant is projected to cost $275 million, $18.3 million of which would be paid through tax increment financing.ns.